Bow Hunt Clinic

For the past several years Trinity Sportsman Ministries(TSM) has had the awesome privilege in introducing families and the youth to God’s creation through the activity of hunting.  Every student that attends the TSM Bow Hunt Clinic is given the opportunity to go on a hunt.  The Bow Hunt Clinics give a detailed over view of all aspects of ethical bow hunting.

In the classroom the attendees learn the parts of the bow, hunting ethics, safety, tree stand safety, hunting techniques and conservation.  The students get hands on training with tree stands, blood trailing and the sharpen there shooting skills every night on the range.  After each clinic TSM offers to take these students on a hunt.  Typically this is a hog hunt since Florida has a year round hog hunting season and there are plenty of hogs in the state of Florida to hunt.  Some deer hunts do occur and they are offered as they come up from different land owners.

TSM is always looking for local land owners to partner with to provide what we hope to be is a life time pursuit of God and his creation through bow hunting.  If you are interested in helping TSM with providing a place to hunt or if you would like to attend our next clinic please go to our Contact form and let us know.   Please visit our Photo Gallery to see some of the hunts we have hosted over the last few hunting seasons.